Delegation Information
This section contains information for media representatives planning to work at the European Short Course Swimming Championships. The information will be updated as we approach the event, therefore we recommend that you check the section for updates.
Media Accreditation
To cover the events of the Championships and to collect an accreditation badge, each media representative should undergo an obligatory registration procedure in the system.

Registration runs until 15 October 2021.

Registration is available at the link.

If you have any questions regarding the registration procedure, you can contact us at MEDIA.INFO@DSPKAZAN.COM.


Visa Support for Foreign Media Representatives
To get a visa support, send a request to MEDIA.INFO@DSPKAZAN.COM until 1 October 2021.
In order to facilitate an entry/departure to/from the territory of the Russian Federation for media representatives taking part in the Championships, the Organizing Committee will provide assistance with obtaining visa valid for the period of the Championships at diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation.
Media Operation Rules
Foreign journalists with the Championships accreditation badge may fully cover the competition in the Kazan city area. For carrying out journalistic activities and when covering topics not related to the holding of competitions, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, foreign journalists must obtain additional accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Further information on the work rules can be found here.
Arrival and Departure
On arrival and departure days, media representatives staying at the official media hotel will be offered free shuttle service from the official arrival point to the official media hotel and back.
To use this service, media representatives should indicate their place of living – an official media hotel, and date and time of their arrival and departure in the accreditation system. Data can be entered no later than three days before the date of arrival/departure.
Media representatives are offered to stay at the official media hotel – Nogai Hotel (16B Profsoyuznaya St., Kazan).
The advantages of staying at the official media hotel are its location in the city center and organized transfer from the hotel to the competition venue during the Championships.

Room prices:
Single room – 3,500 RUB
Twin room – 6,000 RUB
Breakfast is included in the price.
The media hotel is available for booking by media representatives until 16 October 2021. Completed application forms should be forwarded to RESERVATION@HOTELNOGAI.RU and SALE1@HOTELNOGAI.RU with a copy to MEDIA.INFO@DSPKAZAN.COM. Please enter the code word 'LEN' in the subject field.
Please note that the hotel has a limited number of rooms. Booking forms sent after the indicated period are accepted only upon availability of vacant rooms. The preferred payment method is via a personal link forwarded directly by the media hotel.
Media representatives may choose any other locations to stay at in Kazan. However, it should be taken into account that in this case organizers do not provide assistance in booking, consultations, and transportation services.
On the days of the Championships, shuttles will be provided for the accredited media to get from the official media hotel to the competition venue. Buses will run according to a fixed schedule. Access to shuttles for media representatives will be carried out based on an accreditation badge. Bus capacities will be determined based on the number of applications submitted to MEDIA.INFO@DSPKAZAN.COM upon media hotel booking.
See the media shuttle schedule here.
During the day, in the venue's media center there will be coffee breaks, including hot and cold drinks and light snacks.
Media Zones
The following media zones will be arranged at the competition venue:

– Media center

The main area for media representatives at the competition venue equipped with workstations, providing media representatives with the opportunity to connect their own equipment to the power supply and the Internet (SCS port and Wi-Fi) and having an info desk, an area for recreation and coffee breaks.

The media center will be open on the days of the competition. Working hours of the media center: two hours before the start of competitions; two hours after the end of competitions.

– Photo and video positions

Photo and video positions will be accessed provided that there is an accreditation badge and a special vest, which can be obtained from the media center at the info desk.

– Mixed zone

The area for media representatives to communicate with athletes. Work schedule of the mixed zone should be checked in the competition media center.

– Mixed zone

Equipped workstations and seats for media representatives.

– Press conference room
Use of Radio Electronic Facilities (REFs)
To obtain the REFs admission for the Championships, each REFs user must obtain in a mandatory manner a radio frequency authorization for REFs and register REFs in a local Roskomnadzor authority.
For more information about the list of REFs that require registration, click here.
For information on media operation at the European Short Course Swimming Championships, as well as for information on the preparation of the event: